1# panoramic all-in-one-box device for road data survey

VIAPIX® Acquisition combines a high-resolution panoramic imaging system with an accurate geopositioning solution, based on: GNSS, IMU and DMI.

6 megapixels panoramic imagery

VIAPIX® Acquisition shots 6 MPix panoramic pictures over 180°.
Panoramic picture enables to:

  • Collect data from the entire road pavement and also from road-side,
  • Focus on region of interest (exclusion of the sky and clouds).
VIAPIX Acquisition features 3 cameras


Collected data is geolocalized and assigned to a linear position.

VIAPIX Acquisition features a GNSS receiver

Global navigation satellite system

Built with the latest technology:

  • GPS,
  • RTK corrections.
VIAPIX® Acquisition uses a high sensitivity receiver to process up to 72 channels in order to provide the extremely accurate positioning.


The positioning system is optimized thanks to an easy-to-mount 1024 ppr odometer. Adjustable to every car model, the odometer is magnetically mounted on the wheel of a vehicle. The sensor measures very accurate linear distance for very precise curvilinear abscissa positioning.

VIAPIX Acquisition features an odometer

VIAPIX Acquisition features an IMU

Inertial Measurement Unit

Because positioning in urban canyons, tunnel, and forest has always been a challenge, VIAPIX® Acquisition features the most advanced MEMS sensors IMU. Extended Kalman filter merge all the data coming from accelerometer, gyroscope, odometer and GNSS to provide an accurate position. Thereby, VIAPIX® Acquisition keeps, even during GPS outage, the best accuracy on global positioning.
Moreover, the IMU provides pitch and roll angles in order to measure cant and declivity of the road.

Mobile mapping and GIS data collecting had never been so simple.

Power supply

VIAPIX® Acquisition is a low power device, supplied by a simple cigarette lighter socket. Designed to accept a range of input voltage between 11 V and 24 V, it consumes only 24 W during the survey.
The device also includes an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), which allows the system to operate even during power supply break. Thus, when the vehicle stalls, the recording continues.

VIAPIX Acquisition is a low power device
VIAPIX Acquisition is portable

Portable and transferable

Thanks to its all-in-one-box design, VIAPIX® Acquisition is portable and can be easily installed on any kinds of vehicles. The device is mounted on the roof rails, and thanks to the aluminum mount base, the pitch can be set.
VIAPIX® Acquisition can be up-and-running in a minute and can, more or less, be tilt to adapt to any car.
The system is delivered in a rugged suitcase made of HPX resin (water resistant, crushproof, and dust resistant).

Embedded storage

Traditional storage solutions like USB memory stick or hard-drive do not provide speed, capacity and reliability all together. This is the reason why, VIAPIX® Acquisition feature 200 Go FLASH memory. Directly welds on the electronic board, this kind of storage is 4x faster than traditional hard drive, and because there are not rotating parts, VIAPIX® Acquisition has no sensitivity to vibrations.
In addition, a SD card is extractable for direct data transfer “from-road-to-office”. Collected data can also be downloaded through WiFi or Ethernet.

VIAPIX Acquisition features 200 Go Flash memory

Control and manage the survey through a WEB 2.0 interface.

The friendly-user WEB 2.0 interface can be loaded by any thin client: laptop, tablet or smartphone.

VIAPIX Acquisition web interface loaded on a tablet horizontaly
VIAPIX Acquisition web interface loaded on a tablet verticaly
VIAPIX Acquisition web interface loaded on a laptop
VIAPIX® Acquisition enables RJ45 (Ethernet) or WiFi (802.11b/g/n) connection. Once the computer is connected, the user can enjoy a wide variety of feedback information like: curvilinear abscissa, geoposition (latitude, longitude), survey progression while keeping an eye on the image quality.

More features!

With more than 10 other features, VIAPIX® Acquisition will not cease to surprise you :

  • 360° panoramic imagery,
  • Real-time image processing,
  • 3G support for remote access,
  • Embedded map,
VIAPIX ® Acquisition is the georeferencing device for mobile mapping, GIS data production and road assets management.
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VIAPIX Acquisition mounted on a roof