GIS data production thanks to panoramic pictures

With VIAPIX® survey data, VIAPIX® Exploitation enables:

  • Build and update Linear Referencing System,
  • Navigate from your office in your road network in an immersive street level view,
  • Measure any object directly from images,
  • Position and inventory road assets,
  • Export tracks and objects in various file formats.

VIAPIX Exploitation creates and edits Linear Referencing System (LRS)

Build a Linear Referencing System

The user can easily click on milestones in the picture. VIAPIX® Exploitation automatically creates the LRS of the road whatever the survey direction (negative or positive).
Once the LRS is generated, pictures and data survey (cant, declivity, events …) are georeferenced by the software in the:

  • LRS (curvilinear abscissa),
  • Geographic coordinate (latitude, longitude and altitude).

Visualize in street level view

VIAPIX® Exploitation features an image access in single view or in immersive panoramic. Immersive panoramic enables an easy-to-ease navigation in the road network. Because image and objects are linked with a map representation, users have access to the shooting condition, geographic position and vehicle orientation for each picture.

VIAPIX Exploitation features image visualization and map

Instantly view the ground and minimize movement.


VIAPIX Exploitation features measuring in the image

Measure from images

Measure from images makes it possible to qualify object. VIAPIX® Exploitation features a friendly-user interface to 3D measurement:

  • Width,
  • Depth,
  • Curvilinear distance,
  • Height,
  • Area.

Localize object

VIAPIX® Exploitation calculates the position (geographic and linear) of each targeted object. Every kind of object (point, linear continuous, linear discontinuous) are instantly represented on the map. Moreover, information layers can be added to the map before to exporting it to the GIS.

VIAPIX Exploitation features collecting object

Export data into GIS

VIAPIX® Exploitation exports data into various file formats such as SHP, MIF/MID, CSV, SQL

VIAPIX Exploitation features panoramic image visualization
VIAPIX Exploitation map
VIAPIX® Exploitation is available in English and French language, in 32-bits ou 64-bits version.
Minimum hardware requirements: processor Core 2 duo, 4 Go of RAM, 64 Go hard-drive, Windows XP (or above).


VIAPIX® Exploitation:

  • 180° or 360° panoramic imagery,
  • Object measurement,
  • Object positioning
  • Embedded map,
  • Collaborative,
VIAPIX® Exploitation is the solution for GIS data production.
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